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Fees and Payment

Our billing is completed by Professional Practice. LLC

PO Box 503010 White City, OR 97503-0813

Phone: (541) 234-4781 Fax (503) 419-4662

Payment is accepted via cash, check or credit card. We are also in network with many insurance providers. If you plan to use your insurance to pay for the assessment, as a courtesy our biller will check your benefits and provide you with an estimate of your share of any cost.

We will also bill your insurance if we are not a provider in network; however, it is important to note that insurance companies will often reimburse less of the cost than they would if it was done by a provider in your network. Payment is due at the time services are rendered if you are paying out of pocket. You will receive an invoice at the conclusion of the assessment process at the time you receive your assessment report.

If you are paying with insurance, you will receive an estimate of the proportion of the cost that you are responsible for based on your insurance benefits. This will be provided after your intake appointment based on the plan for services. The estimate is not guaranteed, and you may be responsible for additional payment not reimbursed by your insurer. Patients are always strongly encouraged to call the number on the back of their insurance card to obtain information about their mental health benefits and coverage.

A little bit more information about how an assessment is billed through insurance

Usually, the intake interview is covered by your insurance as a regular outpatient mental health service and tends to have the same benefit coverage as a therapy session. The billing code is 90791 and you may verify this by contacting your insurance payer. Our billing professional will send you an estimate of the cost for the first visit within two days of submitting your insurance information and completing the billing information form. Individuals interested in non-assessment services will still be required to complete an initial 90 minute intake appointment.

Subsequent appointments for assessments are typically considered professional services delivered by a specialist and are likely to be subject to different benefits. This varies a lot between different insurance companies based on your plan. In some cases, we are required to request prior authorization after your intake interview to proceed. These four billing codes are used to designate psychological testing and psychological assessment services 96136, 96137, 96130, 96131. When you contact your insurance company you may use these codes to ask questions about your benefits. Our billing professional can provide you with a worksheet that you may use when you call. Patient cost for these assessments vary widely from zero patient responsibility to costs over $2000.00. It is important to us that you feel informed and are not blindsided by unexpected medical bills.

You will be provided with a second estimate of the cost for the entire assessment as a courtesy. This will be provided prior to your first testing appointment, after your intake session. Please review billing consent and information forms and contact our billing professional with any questions. You are responsible for understanding your insurance benefits and submitting payment. We also know this can be complex and confusing and we are here to help!

• Please see the billing information form which includes a billing information disclosure for additional information. It can be downloaded from the forms section of this website