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Interventions & Other Services

If you are interested in any of the listed interventions, please complete a request for services form and schedule a 90 minute intake appointment. If you previously completed an assessment at New Insights an intake appointment is not necessary and you may schedule a 60 minute treatment planning session to discuss your needs. If this is your first time seeing us, please provide any previous mental health assessment records and/or relevant treatment information. 

Letters of Accommodation or Schedule A Letters

A letter of accommodation is a document that can be provided for anyone who meets the diagnostic criteria for a federally protected disability including ADHD or autism spectrum disorders. These letters may be used to request accommodations from your school or employer at your discretion. If you would like a letter of accommodation, you will be scheduled for a 60-minute session to receive education and information about risks and benefits when requesting accommodations and to work with the provider to write a letter tailored to suit your diagnosis and needs. You will be presented with the letter at the end of the appointment. It will remain on file at the clinic and can be forwarded at your request in the future with a signed ROI.

Symptom tracking

Using the IVA-2 and objective symptom measures, examine the difference in response control and attentional focus during a medication trial or when considering the ongoing effectiveness of a medication or other treatment for symptom management of executive functioning problems.

Skills training topical interventions

4 to six session planning, support and education with a number of skills training topics

  • Time management
  • Planner set up
  • Project scheduling
  • Breaking down tasks

Group therapy

A small number of groups are offered on occasion. Current group offerings will be posted on the website